12 Days of Pop-Ups

Holiday Giftables Pop-Ups at Cake Plus-Size Resale
[Better title possibly TBD!]

Cake Plus-Size Resale is looking local makers to pop-up in-store so our customers can shop local for gifts this holiday season. Each Friday, Saturday, & Sunday during the first four weekends in December, we’re highlighting one local maker who will pop-up in store.

We’re looking for vendors & makers of all kinds who have products that would make great gifts. We want vendors who have values rooted in social justice and body positivity. If you create wearable goods, they need to work for folks in larger bodies. Vendors don’t have to be fat but you have to be down with fat liberation.

Here are the details:
Pop-ups will take place in 3 hour increments (most often noon - 3PM). You can find a full schedule below.  We’ll provide a table for you (large or medium size) at the front of the shop. You’re also welcome to bring in your own table or displays.

You can take/process payments yourself. (Or, we can if you need us to.)
We won’t take any commission/percentage of your sales.

We ask that each vendor contributes $15 to marketing and contributes one item (at least a $15 value) to us for a gift basket we’ll be raffling off on Small Business Saturday. (This is when we’ll start actively pubbing this 12 Days series!)

Cake: We will actively promote this series of pop-ups on our website, on social media, in email, & through flyers in shop. We’ll also do some paid promotion (likely City Pages & promoted FB/IG ads). We’ll highlight each maker in the event on our website and on Facebook.
Each time you’re mentioned, we’ll point people back to your social media (tagging you wherever possible).

You: You’ll need to provide us with a little bio and some photos highlighting your work. We ask that you promote your pop-up at least once a week once the pop-up series is announced. (This will be easy to do because you can simply share/repost a lot of our content. . .in addition to sharing some previews or other behind the scenes info of your own!)


Friday, November 30th (noon - 3PM or 4-7PM)
Saturday, December 1st (noon - 3PM)
Sunday, December 2nd (noon - 3PM)

Friday, December 7th (noon - 3PM or 4-7PM)
Saturday, December 8th (noon - 3PM)
Sunday, December 9th (noon - 3PM)

Friday, December 14th (noon - 3PM or 4-7PM)
Saturday, December 15th (noon - 3PM)
Sunday, December 16th (noon - 3PM)

Friday, December 21st (noon - 3PM or 4-7PM)
Saturday, December 22nd (noon - 3PM)
Sunday, December 23rd (noon - 3PM)


Please email Cat at contact@cakeplussize.com with the following info by Wednesday, Nov 14th. (Earlier, if possible!)

1. Your name & contact info.

2. Your business name & info (website or short description).

3. Links to  your business social media.

4. What types of items would you sell? Share examples of products (links, attached photos, etc) and price points.

5. Why would you be a good fit for Cake?

6. Take a look at the days/times and let us know what days might work well for you.

7. Are you able to contribute the $15 for marketing & the product for our raffle?

8. Let us know if you have any questions!