Frequesntly asked questions 

Visiting Cake Plus-Size Resale 

Parking: We are located in a neighborhood with easy street parking. Only on the rarest of instances will you have to park more than a half-block away. 

Credit Cards: In store, we accept all major credit cards. We do not accept checks.

Returns: In store, all sales are final. 

Fitting Rooms: We have two large fitting rooms (with fans). Everyone is welcome to try garments on. 

Items you see online are usually available in-store! However, with the switch to our new online shop, items here on the website will not be available in-store for at least another week. 

Sizing Info

Visit this page for information on sizing and model sizes for online shopping.

Selling Clothes to Cake

You can find information about selling your clothes here! Please read this information carefully before contacting us with questions. 
We only buy in-person in our shop. We are unable to coordinate buying over mail for those out-of-state. Let us know where you are located and we'll add that to our notes as we make plans for growth and expansion in the following years. 

Shopping Online

Our online shop typically has less than 10% of the inventory we have in-store. If you see an items posted on our social media that is not online, you are welcome to contact us and we are happy let you purchase it over the phone or invoice (if shipping is required). 

Shipping: Shipping is $10 whether you get one item or 20.
We offer USPS shipping on all items. This is our favorite mode of shipment as it is tracked and insured (and, we love the US Postal Service!). Items typically arrive within 3 days of shipment. We process and package online purchases at least once a week so you can expect your items to arrive within 10 business days after your online purchase. 
At this time, we only ship within the United States. (You're welcome to contact us to inquire about international shipping though, because of our low price points, shipping is often the same as or more than the cost of the items themselves.)

In-Store Pick Up: Select this option at check out and we'll have the items ready for you here at the shop. (If you expect to wait longer than 2 weeks to pick up your items, please let us know!) 

Returns: In store, all sales are final. In our online shop there is one option for returning your merchandise. You're welcome to bring in the items to our Minneapolis shop within 30 days of your purchase for in-store credit only. (We recognize that for non-locals this is essentially an "all sales are final" policy. Because of our lower price points, shipping returns is often most of the item cost and does not work out for you or us in the end. )

First-Come-First-Serve Defaults to In-Store Customers:  Because we have the same items online and in our brick-and-mortar shop, it is possible that in a rare instance an items could be sold online while it is literally in the hands of an in-store customer. 

In these situations, we will default to the person in-store. If this happens, we'll send you an email and the cost of the item will be refunded to you within 48 business hours. (Please allow additional time for your bank to credit the refund to your account.) 

Website Pricing: Online prices are slightly higher than our in-store price-points. We're committed to maintaining an online shop to share our fashions with the broader plus-size community outside of Minnesota. However, it takes roughly 7x as much time to post items online (as opposed to just selling them in our physical shop). Of course we won't mark things up by 700% but we need to make up for that vast difference somehow. (Most prices are just $2 - $6 more than in store.) Thank you for understanding!


Modeling or job opportunities at Cake Plus-Size Resale

We are not hiring or looking for models at this time. If you are interested in being considered if/when we are, you can email the shop with your information. Please address your email to Cat at and include your contact information, why you're interested in working with us, how your values align with the shop's, and any other relevant info you'd like to share.  

Pro Tip! It's always nice to at least come to the shop once before you ask to have a job here or model for us! ;) 

Donations Requests & Community involvement requests 

Contact us at with your request. 


Vending at Cake Plus-Size Resale

If you're interested in vending at Cake, please email with your business info and product information. Please include photos or links to photos of your product/art. We preference vendors local to the Twin Cities and POC, LGBT+, women, & fat vendors. 

Big Fat Super Swap

The Big Fat Super Swap is a volunteer run 2XL+ all gender clothing swap that our shop helps with! We donate clothing toward the swap, store supplies and donations, and help coordinate swap events along with a group of volunteers outside of the shop. 
The Big Fat Super Swap (and new Inbetweenie Swap for sizes 12 - 18) take place twice a year. You are welcome to drop donations for the swaps at our shop any time. 
For more information about the Big Fat Super Swap, visit their Facebook page