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Name (pronunciation): Ian Harris (E-N hair-iss)
Pronouns: He/Him/His
Instagram Handle: @ian_harris_
Sun Sign: Scorpio (with rising in Sagittarius and moon in Virgo, thank you Co-Star app)

Where You Call Home: I was born in Brighton (which is a section of Boston), Massachusetts, but I’ve grown up for the past 15 years in the lovely suburb of Savage, Minnesota, after moving to be closer to family. I consider both Massachusetts and Minnesota to hold parts of my heart.

Education/Career Goals: I am pursuing my degree in apparel design at the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities, where in the fall of 2018 I will be a junior. My dream apparel job would be to design both in the ready-to-wear market for plus-size menswear and in the custom/couture market for stagewear for musicians.

Perfect Day in the Twin Cities: A perfect day in the Twin Cities would have to start out with cold press and a waffle at The Buzz Coffee & Cafe. I would want to shop for vinyl records (if it’s the first Saturday of every other month, it’d be at the Minneapolis Record Show), maybe fit in a walk (or drive, depending on weather) around the Chain of Lakes, and then grab some ice cream at Sebastian Joe’s. I’d love to spend time at the Walker Art Center and Sculpture Gardens, have a delicious dinner (I could pick one place, but that would just be too hard), and then finish the day by going to an event or seeing a concert at one of my favorite venues in Minneapolis, First Avenue (or if in St. Paul, then the Palace Theatre). Probably not the most logistically-friendly day, but I love anytime I’m able to go to my favorite spots in the cities.

Favorite Type of Cake: Oooh, tough question. But I would have to pick carrot cake, and it has to have raisins, walnuts, and cream cheese frosting.



Name Pronunciation: Kachina (kuh-chee-nuh)
Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
Instagram Handle: @kachinayeager
Sun Sign: Virgo

Where You Call Home: Prairie Island, Minnesota

Education/Career Goals: Currently a Bachelors of Individualized Studies major at the U of M in American Indian Studies, Global Studies, and Sociology. Intend to do Social Justice work, and will likely continue on to attend grad school.

Perfect Day in the Twin Cities: Would probably start off at a coffee shop, somewhere new that I haven’t tried yet. From there, my perfect day would include trips to: the Marjorie McNeely Conservatory at Como to stroll through the fern room and see the bonsais, Moon Palace Books to pick up something good to read, a stop by Northland Visions to get some more beads, and a delicious dinner at Brasa’s St. Paul location (because their pineapple ginger ale is the BEST).

Favorite Type of Cake: Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cake, that chocolate crunch is too good. 

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First Name Pronunciation: Koryne (Ker-in)
Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
Instagram Handle: @korynemartinez
Sun Sign: Sagittarius

Where You Call Home: San Diego, CA

Education/Career Goals: I am entering my senior year at the University of Minnesota studying English and creative writing. I hope to work in a creative marketing firm post graduation!

Perfect Day in the Twin Cities: Waking up to a cup of black coffee followed by a plate of biscuits and gravy (hoping whoever I’m with ordered sweet breakfast so that I can sneak a bite). Then a day of reading in any of the Twin Cities’ parks. Next I’d grab a beer from a local brewery with friends to cool off. I would end the day with an episode of Queer Eye. 

Favorite Type of Cake: Carrot (with extra cream cheese frosting)



Name Pronunciation: Ming Hsu (Ming Shoo) 
Pronouns: They/Them/Theirs
Instagram Handle: @xiaomingbean
Sun Sign: Pisces

Where You Call Home: Woodbury, MN

Education/Career Goals: I am a recent graduate from Hamline University where I studied religion.  Eventually I intend to go to seminary and serve my (queer) community in what ever capacity the universe leads me to. 

Perfect Day in the Twin Cities: Start the day off with breakfast at Keys Cafe and a stroll through the como conservatory.  Then lunch at cafe latte and a visit to MIA, followed by a relaxing hammock nap in powderhorn Park.  Then onto dinner at Szechuan Spice in Uptown, drinks and people watching at the 19, and then close the night off with a pile up from the Nicollet Diner. 

Favorite Type of Cake: tres leches (despite my lactose intolerance, I can’t resist the creamy goodness) 

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Name Pronunciation: Paxyshia (pa-see-SHE-ah)
Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
Instagram Handle: @paxyshia
Sun Sign: Sagittarius sun (plus, Pisces moon & Virgo rising)

Where You Call Home: Minnesota born and raised

Education/Career Goals: Current student at MCTC studying apparel technologies. Hoping to be part of the fashion industry to create a change for real plus size fashion.

Perfect Day in the Twin Cities: A perfect day in the Twin Cities with Paxyshia includes waking up and not being rushed out the door. After that, going for brunch/lunch and relaxing before heading somewhere new and taking plenty of Instagram-worthy photos! Finished with the movie theater (and plenty of peanut M&M's) and then going for ice cream.

Favorite Type of Cake: ice cream cake