SUMMER SPECIAL PROJECTS: Cake’s Summer Intern Positions

Cake Plus-Size Resale is looking for some summer help! We’re hiring for several short-term, summer intern positions. Each role will focus on a specific area of work or growth at Cake. 

These roles are open to students (at all levels) who are returning to school in the fall. Summer special projects is exactly what one might expect in an internship - a short-term role at our shop focused on a specific project area that aligns with an area of learning or growth of the intern. We hope folks apply who have an interest in small business, entrepreneurship, plus-size fashion, retail, resale, and/or developing their skills specific to the area of focus.  

If you are a student who is interested in connecting this internship experience to a formal internship requirement/class at your high school, college, or university, let us know! Cat is very open to working with you on this!

If you’re interested in these positions, apply by June 8th. The application is at the bottom of this page. 




This is a very temporary 10 week position. Please see the timeline for details on start dates, end dates, mandatory meetings, etc. These special project roles require at least 6 hours a week (this can be divided across 3, 2, or just 1 day). Some tasks may be able to be accomplished at home/off-site.

Application Deadline: Friday, June 8th
Interviews: June 11-14
Mandatory Meeting: Saturday, June 16th 6:30 - 9PM
Start Dates: Week of June 18th
End Dates: Week of August 20th

Special project interns will be compensated with a small stipend ($300) & store credit ($450). These will be dispersed in three increments throughout the 10 weeks.

Beyond this monetary compensation you’ll get to join in the big ol’ body positive party that is Cake Plus-Size Resale, have cameos on our Insta stories, enjoy our never-ending-supply of LaCroix, be surrounded by fat babes, and grow your skills alongside others who share your values of body positivity & fat liberation.


We have identified 8 areas of focus. They are: Photography, Merchandising & Shop Space, Events, Buying & Plus Fashion, Website Sales & Logistics, Growing Masculine & Androgynous Offerings, Style Sessions, Vendors & Cake Merch.  Information on each is detailed below. 80% of the time spent at Cake will be dedicated explicitly to the special project & up to 20% will be spent helping out around the shop.

While there are 8 areas of focus, we will not be hiring 8 individuals. We plan to hire around 4 people and will choose just four special projects to focus on based on their interests. As part of the application, we'll ask you to rank your top project choices. 


1. Photography
We want to up our everyday photo game.
This role will involve taking website photos, figuring out how to work the shop camera and teaching us how to use it, creating visual content for social media, & possibly other photo related opportunities. This is one of the few roles that comes with (somewhat) already determined hours. Because of model availability & lighting, the person to fill this role must be available most Saturday mornings from 8-10AM and at least one weekday morning a week from 9-NOON.

2. Merchandising & Shop Space
We want to refine our shop layout & how we display our inventory.
This role will be exploring how shoppers interact with our space and provide recommendations on improvements we can make to how we merchandise/display our clothing and to our general shop space. In addition to observing our space, this project includes researching best practices in other stores, brainstorming innovative solutions, making recommendations, putting some changes into practice and observing how they work, as well as strategizing general improvements to the shop space. Plus, we might want your help finding/commissioning the creation of new mannequins.

3. Events
We’re working on our shop event calendar for summer & beyond!
This role will focus on helping us almost every step of the way. This special project intern will have the opportunity to help us decide which events we want to put on, take the lead on planning at least one event, developing marketing plans to pub the event(s), and help us review/assess the event afterwards.
Preview: One major event idea we’re thinking about for summer is a fat pool party!

4. Buying & Plus Fashion
We’d love to have help focusing on this main function of our shop!
This role will be deep diving into plus-size brands & style through research, creating a plus-size brand and style repository, helping us develop our standardized pricing guidelines, assisting with in-person & drop-off buys from customers and pricing merchandise.  

5. Website Sales & Shipping Logistics
We can’t get stuff on our website fast enough! Help us grow our online shop!
This role involves less “developing” & more “doing”. We have a pretty streamlined system in place, we’re excited to have another set of hands working on it and learning how we do things.
Tasks include writing clothing descriptions, learning the back end of our eCom site (don’t worry - it’s easy once you get the hang of it), shipping online orders & preparing website items for pickup. We’re also considering some eCom changes come fall and would love fresh eyes to help us think through solutions!

6. Growing Masculine & Androgynous Offerings
We want to develop our masculine & androgynous selection.
Our goal is to have about 30% of our selection align with more masculine and androgynous styles but right now it’s much less. This role will focus on research and developing strategies to help us build this offering and customer base. Tasks might include: organizing a focus group, researching men’s plus-size and big & tall brands, creating a strategy for sourcing more masculine clothing, and developing some marketing ideas around these offerings.

7. Style Sessions
We’re offering more style consulting sessions and you can be involved every step of the way!
Style Sessions with Cat have always been a big hit and we’re now able to offer them in-store. We’ve been slow to build these back up so we’d love your help. And, you can take an active role every step of the way - scheduling, reviewing style questionnaires and pulling clothing to fit each client’s goals/needs, shadowing Style Sessions (initially) and then co-styling as the summer goes on, and helping with marketing strategy.

8. Vendors & Cake Merch
We want to further refine our vendor process & explore Cake branded merchandise.
We have a few vendors (folks that sell art or non-clothing items at Cake) and would always love more. So, we need some help standardizing our vendor outreach, communication, expectations, as well as find ways to get more vendors selling their goods at Cake. We also want to further explore Cake branded merchandise. As part of this role, you can help us brainstorm ideas, research pricing and options, and maybe even see a new branded product go out in the shop during your 10 weeks with us!



  • You must be a student returning to school in the fall. (Or, a new graduate who will be starting a position in the fall.) High school, college, or grad students are welcome to apply.

  • You must be at least 16 years old.

  • You must be willing to honor Cake’s commitment to body positivity, fat positivity, and social justice.


  • Folks of all genders and sizes are welcome to apply.
  • One important accessibility note is that there’s a one - two inch lip at the entry (due to the sinking sidewalk) that can be difficult to navigate in a motorized chair or scooter. Navigating the stairs inside the shop to access basement storage is not necessary for these positions.
  • We're moving quickly! Applications must be received by Friday, June 8th at 11:59PM. Interviews will take place the week after. 

If you have questions, comments, concerns, issues with the deadline/timeline/mandatory meeting, anything/everything. . . please communicate them to us before the deadline! Direct your questions to Cat Polivoda at And, this should go without saying, but how you communicate via email will be considered part of your application. ;) 


Our application is now closed.