Please read these guidelines! they are shared in an effort to set you up for success in selling your items to us!

We buy clothing outright every day we're open except for Saturdays. We also do not buy on event days or holidays. (You can always see our events here on our calendar.) We buy in-person, in-store only. Items must be size XL or larger, in good condition, free of strong scents and/or animal hair, and in season. 

The style of our shop is fresh and trendy.  If you're interested in selling, please read all of the info below! Also, it's best if you visit the shop before you try to sell so you can get a better sense of the style of the shop.

  • You can bring clothes in at any time we're open EXCEPT FOR SATURDAYS (and holidays or event days)!
    No appointment needed. First come first serve.

  • Cake Plus-Size Resale buys outright. We will look over your clothes and give you our offer - 30% of our price in cash or 50% in store credit. You can choose to accept or decline, and the money (whether cash or store credit) is yours right away! (Sometimes on heavy buying days, we reach our daily cash budget before we close and are only able to offer store credit for the remainder of the day.)

  • We curate our collection. While we’re happy to look at anything, we will make purchasing decisions based on our shop’s unique style. Paying attention to our style (here on our website, on social media, or in store) and choosing which items you bring will better set you up for success.

  • When you bring in clothing, please make sure all items are clean, pet-hair free, free of wear (rips, stains, pilling, discoloration), and free of excessive scent. (Seriously!)

  • Depending on our current inventory, we might need certain styles or sizes more than others. 

  • You can always donate items we've passed on with us and we’ll save them for the next Big Fat Super Swap.

  • Please bring items in totes or bags - no hangers, please!

  • We do not take clothing drop-offs unless arranged in advance. Sellers can shop and/or wait while we look through their clothing. Contact us to schedule a drop off if it is absolutely necessary. (We strongly prefer no drop offs and can only accommodate them if scheduled in advance.)

  • Small batches are preferred! If you have more than 2 ikea bags or totes worth of items, you are encouraged to narrow down your selection based on our guidelines.

  • Currently buying for fall and winter.

  • We are not currently accepting formalwear.

Reminder: We do not buy on Saturdays!


  • In season clothing!

  • Clothing for all genders sizes XL & up.
    (Size 14 and up or waistband 42 and up.)

  • All types of garments including everyday wear, athletic wear, lingerie, swimwear, bras (starting at band size 38), binders, outerwear, and even some formal wear.

  • Brands we LOVE: Asos Curve/Plus, Eloquii, Modcloth, Torrid, some Venezia, Lane Bryant, Target’s WHO WHAT WEAR, INC., Target's Goodfellow & Co, DXL, Melissa McCarthy, Foundry, Boutique, American Rag, Boohoo, & City Chic.

  • We especially love sizes 3XL, 4XL, & 5XL!

Shoes & Accessories

  • We love in-season shoes!
    Larger sizes and wider widths will be preferenced.

  • Tights and socks new with package only. (No used socks or tights.)

  • Handbags, backpacks, fanny packs, and clutches.

  • Belts

  • Jewelry

  • Hats

With accessories, we are looking mainly for items that are especially suited for larger bodies - wide width or wide calf shoes, bracelets for larger wrists, bags with longer handles, belts with larger waistbands, etc.  

What we don’t buy:

  • Clothing that is stained, pilled, broken, or more-than-a-little worn.

  • Unclean or bad smelling clothing (including smoke), Or, clothing with animal hair on it.

  • Culturally appropriative prints, patterns, garments, or sayings. This includes “tribal print” patterns.

  • Clothing that is under size XL.

  • Undies (unless they are new with tags and/or part of a lingerie set and in pristine condition).

  • Walmart brands.

  • Capri pants.

  • Shapewear.

We’re picky!! That’s what keeps our looks cute and styles curated! We’re also kind! But, FYI - there will likely be lots of items we do not take. We also reserve the right to say no to any garments. . .without explanation.”